• March 2020 meeting: postponed or cancelled till further notice.

    The next meet­ing will take place at the “Insti­tut de Man­age­ment de l’Information (IMI)” 62 Boule­vard de Sébastopol 75003 PARIS (direc­tion can be found here), dur­ing the 18–20 March. The cur­rent pro­gram is as follows:

    Wednes­day 18: work ses­sion on on-going projects (e.g., col­lab­o­ra­tive paper) of the group

    Thurs­day 19 (pub­lic talks): gen­er­al talks about learn­ing and rea­son­ing. The cur­rent pro­gram is as follows:

    • 9h30-10H30: Olivi­er Strauss “On using Cho­quet capac­i­ties to account for approx­i­mate knowl­edge in sig­nal processing. ”
    • 10h45-11h: Sébastien Dester­cke “Learn­ing pref­er­ence with belief func­tions: a short note”
    • 11h15-12h15: Hen­ri Prade “Ver­sion space revisited”
    • 12h30-14h: Lunch
    • 14h-15h: Joao Mar­que-Sil­va “Recent results on rig­or­ous expla­na­tions of ML models”
    • 15h30-16h30: Steven Schock­aert “Cap­tur­ing word order in aver­ag­ing based sen­tence embeddings”
    • 17h-18h: Zied Bouraoui “Induc­ing rela­tion­al knowl­edge from BERT”

    Each talk will be fol­lowed by a 30 minute dis­cus­sion session. 

    Fri­day 20 (morn­ing): dis­cus­sion on next actions of the group. 

    Groupe de travail : "Apprentissage et Raisonnement”

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