• May 2019 meeting

    This meet­ing took place in Orléans, 27th of May, dur­ing the GDR IA gen­er­al meet­ing days

    This meet­ing will be focused on gath­er­ing pre­vi­ous par­tic­i­pants con­tri­bu­tions to a sur­vey paper, and to have dis­cus­sions around it. The meet­ing will be focused on advanc­ing this work, so we do not cur­rent­ly plan to have pre­sen­ta­tions, but the con­tent of the meet­ing can be mod­i­fied accord­ing to needs. 


    • Work and dis­cus­sions on the con­tents of the sur­vey paper under prepa­ra­tion. Pre­sen­ta­tion of the intend­ed con­tents of some sections.



    • For the new­com­ers poten­tial­ly inter­est­ed in the work­ing group: Pre­sen­ta­tion of the work­ing group and of its intend­ed purpose.
    • Pre­sen­ta­tion of the work in progress.


    • Con­tin­u­a­tion of the work on the the sur­vey paper.

    Any inter­est­ed per­son in the process and/or the top­ic can join us. 

    Groupe de travail : "Apprentissage et Raisonnement”

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