• November 2019 meeting

    The meet­ing will take place in Toulouse, 18th and 19th of November.

    In addi­tion to reg­u­lar pre­sen­ta­tions of par­tic­i­pants, this meet­ing will pur­sue the activ­i­ties of the Work Group, notably the writ­ing of a syn­thet­ic paper. 

    Mon­day 18th November

    • 9h15: Hen­ri Prade — Work­ing group ““Learn­ing and Rea­son­ing”: Where we are?
    • 9h45: Gilles Richard — MLGAN: log­ic and deep learning
    • 10h45-11h15: Dis­cus­sion
    • 11h15-11h30: Break
    • 11h30-12h30: Khaled Belahcene — Sup­port­ing robust pref­er­ence elic­i­ta­tion with arguments
    • 12h30-13h: Dis­cus­sion
    • 13h-14h15: Lunch time
    • 14h15-15h15: Zied Bouraoui — Rule Base Com­ple­tion Using Graph Con­vo­lu­tion­al Networks
    • 15h15 ‑15h45: Discussion
    • 15h45-16h: Break
    • 16h-17h: Joao Mar­ques-Sil­va — Auto­mat­ed Rea­son­ing for Inter­pretable & Explain­able AI
    • 17h-17h30: Dis­cus­sion

    Tues­day 19th November

    • 9h15 ‑12h30: Col­lec­tive work on the joint paper in progress — Kay R. Amel — From shal­low to deep inter­ac­tions between knowl­edge rep­re­sen­ta­tion, rea­son­ing and machine learning
    • 14h — 16h30: Col­lec­tive work on the joint paper (con­tin­ued)

    Any inter­est­ed per­son in the process and/or the top­ic is wel­comed to join us! 

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